How to add Parallel/Concurrent Requests in Jmeter: We have many tools for testing the performance of the application. Below are a few popular tools generally used.

  • Jmeter (Opensource)
  • Load runner
  • Neo Load
  • Soasta
  • Web Load

What are Concurrent/Parallel  Requests?

Concurrent requests are requests which are fired at the same time from the browser.

How the response Time is calculated for Concurrent/Parallel Requests

Let assume 5 requests are fired parallelly from browser and response times are like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Seconds respectively. Response Time will be considered as 5 Sec which is the highest response time out 5 requests.

Concurrent requests connection limit are different for different browsers.

Why Concurrent/Parallel Requests are used

All the latest browsers will use Concurrent requests for downloading resources like CSS, js, fonts, etc.. to reduce User interaction time. and Some developers will use parallel asynchronous requests to get data and display it effectively.

How to Simulate Concurrent/Parallel Requests from Jmeter

  • Download JDK/JRE 1.8 or above
  • Download Jmeter(4.0)
  • Download Jmeter Plugin Manager and copy the jar file to JMeter root directory/lib/ext

Start the JMeter using jmeter.bat/ or ApacheJmeter.jar

you will be seeing below window after JMeter starts


Click On plugin Manager as shown in below


after clicking, plugin manager popup will be open as below


From Left side search box search for parallel in search results, you will be seen Parallel Controller select and click on apply the change and restart button bottom right


After restarting Jmeter. Open the already existing script or create new thread group and right-click on thread Group use will be seen below options


Select bzm-Parallel Controller and Add all parallel requests to added bzm-Parallel Controller and click on generate parent sample to get an accurate response.


run the test to see the responses

Happy Testing!!

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How to add Parallel/Concurrent Requests in Jmeter

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