How to Correlate Dynamic Parameter In TruClient: Below are the steps to extract dynamic values in TruClient that are seen on the HTML response page.

Example: I took the example of, here a magical number needs to be entered in the text which can be seen on the webpage. Extracting magical number is shown in the below steps.

Step 1: Open the recorded scenario in the Chrome browser,

Step 2: Replay the script until the required page is rendered (in my case until the step magical number is displayed)

Step 3: Drag and Drop “generic object action” from toolbox

Step 4: Click to choose any object and select the dynamic value which needs to correlate.


Step 5:  Change step “Click” to Step “Goto Property


Step 6: Go to Argument, Give a “Property” value as ” Visible Text” and provide a Variable name as “XXX“.


Step 7: Drag and Drop an Evaluate Javascript from the Misc section and try to set the variable from JS(XXX) to LoadRunner(LR_XXX).

TC.setParam(“LR_XXX”, XXX);

Step 8: Now you can use the LR_XXX where ever you need in the script.


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How to Correlate Dynamic Parameter In TruClient

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