How to Quickly Reset Your WordPress Admin Password from Backend: This Tutorial will help you in resetting the password of your word press users from the backend.

Go to SQL Editor and execute the below command to create an MD5 encryption password


Copy result of the above command which we need to update in users table of word press

Browse to the WordPress installation directory you can see the file name as wp-config.php which hold you WordPress database user, password, Database name

By using these credentials connect to the database using any MySQL client. you will have a table name ends with users copy the table name

In my case table name is wo_users as shown in screenshot


Execute the below select command to see all users and to get the ID of the user to reset the password.

Select the User ID as shown below


Get the User ID as highlighted above and execute the update command to reset the password.

In my case, Query is as shown below

Commit the changes and try with a new password. you should able to login into word press admin

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How to Quickly Reset Your WordPress Admin Password from Backend

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